Waste not, want not....

Whip Cream Picture

Here are my 5 favorite ways to use leftover whipped cream.

1. Make your breakfast a little more indulgent

We all need an indulgent breakfast every now and again. Use this as occasion to whip up a batch of fluffy pancakes, thick-cut French toast, waffles, or crepes this weekend....topped with leftover whip, of course!

2. Make chocolate mousse

There are a number of methods for making this luscious no-bake dessert. One of my favorites involves a simple recipe, where whipped cream is folded into sweet, melted chocolate.

3. Use it in your coffee

Who needs half and half or milk! Add a dollop of whipped cream to your morning brew for an extra special start to the day.

4. Make an icebox cake (or cupcakes)

Icebox cakes are one of the most perfect no-bake summer desserts. They require just a few simple ingredients, they're easy to make and perfect for feeding a crowd.

5. Freeze it for later

When in doubt, freeze the leftovers for later. It will be the perfect addition to your hot chocolate come winter!

When you have leftovers (emphasis on the when!), how do you use your leftover whipped cream?